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The Ultimate Water Softener Systems

We are the UKs fastest growing online retailer of water softeners, water softener salt, filter taps and have been serving customer all over the UK and Europe for over 50 years. Within our experience in this industry, we're able to offer the highest quality Water Softener Systems for all home size, from small to large family.
Crown water softener

Water Softeners

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water softener salt

Water Softener Salt

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ECO3 Gold water filter system

Drinking Water System

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The Benefits
of Softened Water
Drinking Water
and Softened Water,
what is the difference?
Which water softener do I need?
How Hard
is My Water?
How do I know
if my Water Softener
is working as it should?

Top Selling Water Softener Systems

We stock a wide range of Water Softerners, Water Filter Kits & Many essential products sourced from leading brands including Harvey, Coral & Many others. Here is a selection of our most popular products.

There are many more to choose from our extensive range of Water Softener Systems. All our domestic water softeners are under warranty so why not explore our site and buy online today!
Fountain Softeners
Fountain Softeners are not tied to any one manufacturer and can offer impartial advice on a wide range of water softeners, at the best possible price. All our water softener systems are sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure the top quality of our products
Every unit sold by Fountain Softeners is backed by an excellent warranty, comes with a water test kit and are available with a range of installation kits to suit your requirements.

All our water softener systems include Free UK Mainland Delivery!

See our Testimonials page and Ebay shop for genuine reviews.
Why buy a Water Softener?
Softened water saves you time and money studies by the British Water Quality Group show that it can save a 4-person household an average of 200 per year.
More benefits
From the most technically advanced twin tank non electric Harveys Crown Water Softener from only 895.00
To the inexpensive Coral 10-litre timed softener from just 279.90.
Custom built softeners to suit your individual needs.