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Franke Filterflow Water Filter System

Franke Filterflow Water Filter System

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Taste, Chlorine, Odour, Bacteria & Heavy Metals Reduction
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Information about the Franke water filter system

The Franke FilterFlow system is designed to remove and reduce a wide range of possible contaminants from your tap water, including
  • Taste & Odours - Predominantly Chlorine
  • Harmful bacteria and cysts eg Cryptosporidium.
  • Heavy metals eg lead
  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Suspended Solids, such as Dirt, Rust, Sand etc.
What are the benefits to me?

You will definitely notice the difference in the taste of the water and this will become normal very quickly, so much so that you will taste the chlorine in water that has not been filtered Odours and unpleasant tastes will be gone, sediment, rust etc will have been trapped by the ceramic in the filter system's cartridge and you will have protection against bacteria and cysts. It is likely that you will find tea, coffee and other hot drinks much more pleasant as well as ice in your drinks in the summer!
How does the system work?

The tap water flows through a high quality ceramic filter that contains carbon and is housed in a Stainless Steel system which is fitted in the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink. When you use your tap, cold water is diverted through the filter cartridge and out of the tap as fresh, tasty water for drinking and cooking with. The cartridge's ceramic outer shell works to trap dirt, sediment and some types of harmful bacteria some so microscopic that they are invisible to the human eye. Meanwhile, the carbon will remove any taste & odour from the water.

What about Installation?

The Franke FilterFlow system is simple to install it's an easy, straightforward job for any plumber. The only other requirement is to replace the filter periodically and takes only minutes to do.
The Franke FilterFlow system is remarkably compact. The filter housing measures 29cm high x 7cm wide x 9cm deep, and is usually fitted in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink.

What about ongoing maintenance?

With average usage it is usual to change the filter cartridge every 6 months but some customers can get longer, it just depends.

Does it restrict the flow?

Based on an average pressure of 3 bar/45 psi, your new filter system should deliver 1 litre of water / per 25 seconds. For optimum performance, we recommend adjusting the stop valve on your system to achieve a flow of 1 litre of water/per 30 seconds. Your water pressure will affect the flow rates through the filter and your installer can check the pressure for you.