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The hard truth about eczema: it's something in the water

Read the latest research from the University of Sheffield and King's College London and published by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, on the risk of eczema with hard water.

Read the study here.

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Softened water and drinking water - what is the difference?

Here at Fountain Softeners , almost on a daily basis we are asked whether water from a water softener and water from a filtered drinking water system are the same thing Ė and the answer is no, they are not.

Water Softeners operate by removing the elements that cause limescale, predominantly calcium and magnesium and do this very effectively. These are installed somewhere near where the water comes into the property in order to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from the softener throughout the property - but are only designed to soften the water, not filter it. Once you remove the calcium and magnesium from your water, your soft water will protect your appliances from scale, you will use less detergent and your shower door and kitchen / bathroom taps will be gleaming!

Drinking water filters on the other hand tend to be installed near the point of use, i.e. to feed a single tap, and generally are designed to make your drinking water taste better by removing elements, mainly chlorine, which can give mains water a lot of its nasty taste. All drinking water through your mains supply will have chlorine present to prevent the colonisation of bacteria within the water pipes.

There are various filters available with varying degrees of filtration, from the single taste and odour filter to the 5-stage Reverse Osmosis drinking water system. This is one our most popular systems if you want 99% pure water. As the name implies, it has 5-stages of filtration and as with all filters, allows youto have control over the quality of your drinking water.

Whatever your size requirements and budget, there is a filter to suit you. There are also filters to remove particular things that may be of concern - hardness, nitrates, hormones, heavy metals - the list is endless !

The boom of bottled water also triggered a huge influx of plastic bottles being dumped into our environment (some people still donít recycle), which allows chemicals to leech into the ground and water supplies. So donít buy expensive bottled water Ė filter you own!

At Fountain we stock a wide range of water softeners, water softener salt, drinking water systems, water filters and domestic UV equipment.

See our ecommerce web site www.fountainsofteners.co.ukselling to customers all over the UK and Europe. Or call us for a chat on on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01403 700794 and one of our friendly staff will gladly talk you through your options.

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Are you moving house?

Take your water softener with you when you move.
As the housing market kicks back into life, we are getting more calls from previous customers who have moved and one of the first things they want for their new home is another water softener!

You can of course take your water softener with you in the same way as you would take any other home appliance. Just disconnect the hoses and use the water softener removal kit to cap off the connections
click here to buy. Remove the water softener from position, pour any remaining water from the tank and hoses into a drain outside your property. Simple as that!!

When you get to your new house and realise you canít live without your soft water, look for the best position for your softener, give us a call and we can advise you on which installation kit to use. Click here to see our installation kits.

There is always plenty to organise when moving so we hope this helps.

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How efficient is your Water Softener?

Is your water softener operating as it should?

If you have had your water softener for more than about 10 years then it will be starting to lose its efficiency. Basically the resin, which is the stuff that your water passes through and that absorbs the hardness minerals, has a life of around 15 years after which time it starts to lose its ability to operate at full capacity. Often customers with older Softeners will first notice a problem when they say that the water is not as soft as it once was but the unit is still using salt at the same rate as before.

The other benefit is that modern Softeners are more efficient on salt and water than older units, usually offering around a 30% saving.

If you are not sure how well your unit is working then request one of our free water test kits to find out for sure and then call us and we can advise how best to proceed once you know for sure.

See our ecommerce web site
www.fountainsofteners.co.uk selling to customers all over the UK and Europe. Or call us for a chat on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01306 889090 and one of our friendly staff will gladly talk you through your water softener options.
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Which Water Softener do you need?

Whilst we offer some of the best units on the market, it is often difficult for potential customers to understand that often units are very similar or indeed that sometimes they are identical aside from the badge on the front. Give us a call if you see a particular unit and we will explain the differences between that and one of our units.

See our ecommerce web site
www.fountainsofteners.co.uk selling to customers all over the UK and Europe. Or call us for a chat on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01306 889090 and one of our friendly staff will gladly talk you through your water softener options.
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10 Benefits of Softened Water

The hard water that comes into your house via the mains contains dissolved lime, chalk and other minerals which causes scale to form on all surfaces which come into contact with it - water softening is the removal of these minerals from the water.

To save you trawling the net we have compiled our top 10 reasons for installing a water softener in your home.

1. Heating System
By removing the existing scale within your heating system and preventing it re-occurring, water softeners reduce the amount of fuel used to heat the hot water. Tests carried out at a Government recognised laboratory confirmed that the steady state improvement was 5.6%.

2. Household Appliances
Softeners will, over time, remove all existing scale from within the household appliances, pipe work and on surfaces such as showers and baths. You wonít need to replace them as soon as you would if you had hard water. It will also prevent the scale from re-occurring.
  soft water caring for your skin
3. Skin Conditions
Customers have reported that their horrible dry scalp has disappeared completely since the installation. Reserch shows
Eczema and other skin conditions caused by the drying of skin by hard water may be alleviated, the suggestion is that soft water is better to wash with, and therefore needs less soap or detergent, clear irritants for people with eczema. Works for us.

4. Haircare
Your shampoo will lather up easily when washing your hair and will leave your soft, shiny and manageable. No more flaky scalp!

5. Shower Head and Screen
You can banish clogged up shower heads, no more sticking tooth picks in the holes every month (or is that just us?).
When tested hard water on showerheads scaled up and lost 75 percent of their flow rate in less than 18 months, the holes were beginning to get plugged after only 19 days of testing.

Your shower screen wont need strong harmful chemicals to get it only half clean, You could lose more skin from your hands from these cleaners than scale on the screens! Now they stay
 sparkling as the day it was installed with only a wipe over.

5. Laundry
Your washing will feel softer, cleaner, whites stay whiter, you will extend the life of fabric by up to 20% and you will use less detergent - fact.

6. Cleaning Products
No more cleaning limescale with a lemon, you wont have soap scum marks in sinks or spot marks on your taps, and you can use a lot less cleaning products. This saves you time money and effort, plus it also helps to make your home more friendly to the environment.

7. Shaving
For a better shave try softened water, Razor blades last longer, and the quality of the shave is second to none.

8. Money
Studies by the British Water Quality Group show that water softening can save a 4-person household an average of £200 per year.
As well a saving on washing powder or detergent you also save considerable amounts of money on all the other cleaning products used such as kitchen and bathroom cleaners, shower cleaners, scale removers, floor cleaners, whilst looking after our environment. Your boiler and heating system, plumbing, hot water cylinder, washing machine, dish washer, will all run more efficiently and their life expectancy will be extended by 10%, it all adds up!

9. Car washing
An outside tap on softened water for washing the car makes it a quick, easy as you donít have to leather it off afterwards Ė soft water is used by most valet companies.

10. Environment
Installing a water softener will also help save the environment. The excessive amounts of chemicals used in our cleaning products mostly goes down the drain. By reducing this substantially you will help save our streams and rivers from the ravages of chemical degradation.

A quick way to tell if you have hard water in your home is take a look in your kettle, if there's white flakes and bits on the element you have hard water, this map shows the hard water areas in England and Wales.

See our ecommerce web site www.fountainsofteners.co.uk selling to customers all over the UK and Europe. Or call us for a chat on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01306 889090 and one of our friendly staff will gladly talk you through your water softener options. 


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