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Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment | Fountain Softeners


Fountain Softeners are specialist's in Water softening equipment for commercial and industrial use, supplying equipment from a wide range of manufacturers tailored to meet your needs. We currently supply to a wide range of industries and sectors in the U.K and worldwide.

Fountain Softeners  can supply numerous types of industrial water softeners in either Simplex or  Duplex configurations. We design and build our systems using the tried and tested manufacturers, either "Fleck" or "Clack", although we can supply others if the system requires something different. Bigger units are available - call us for more details. 

Simplex Water Softener -  a single vessel system that regnerates with a meter control which means that the only regnerates based upon the volume of soft water used. Typical applications are where the usage per day has been  roughly calculated and will not vary hugely, whilst also not being required constantly 24 hours per day.

Duplex Water Softener -  a twin vessel system, and as with the simplex system, that when the programmed volume has been reached the service unit that is exhausted goes immediately into regeneration whilst the other unit that was in stand-by then automatically goes into service thus ensuring 24/7 soft water production. Typical applications are Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes, Caravan Parks, and where the anticipated usage is not able to be estimated or may well increase during seasonal operations.