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Fountain Junior Metered Water Softener Installation Instructions | Fountain Softeners

Fountain Junior Water Softener Assembly &  Installation Instructions. 

This softener requires a minimum water pressure of 1.7 bar and a maximum pressure of 5 bar. If the pressures are outside of these paramaters then please contact us before installallation.

1 ) To add the plumbing fittings first lift up or remove the secure fastenings clips.
Apply silicone lubricant to all the 'o' rings and push the connectors onto the bypass assembly. Push down the fastening clips to secure.
Then push the bypass assembly onto the valve body and secure with the two stainless steel clips & screws.
Bypass valves open. (softener in service)
Bypass valves closed. (softener in bypass)
2) Check the bypass valves are open. Use the tool supplied to turn the bypass valves fully clockwise. The valves are open when both are parallel. Failure to open these will bypass the water softener leaving you with hard water. 

3) Locate the waste fitting on the control valve. Using 15mm flexible tubing, connect the waste fitting on the control valve to a suitable drain connection.
Secure the waste tubing with a hose clip. Make sure the red securing clip on the waste fitting is securely in place. 
4) Using 15mm flexible tubing connect the overflow to a suitable  drainage location outside. Make sure that this not kinked or restricted in any way.
The overflow and the waste pipe should not be joined together.

5) Connect the mains water pipes to the water inlet & outlet connections on the bypass assembly. It’s important that you check the water directional flow arrows on your unit and connect the hoses accordingly.
Fill the tank with water softener tablet salt.  Salt levels need to be maintained at approximately 100mm above the bottom of the tank and no more 50mm from the top of the tank.
 Initially add 2 or 3 litres of water into the tank on top of the salt.
6) The video above gives you instructions on how to set-up your Fountain Slim-Soft Water Softener once the installation steps have been completed.
For a printed version of these instructions  

IMPORTANT:  Check for leaks at ALL joints and connections after turning on the mains water.
After 3 hours check for leaks at all joints and connections.
We recommend a further check after 24 hours.
Once installed then please check and top up the salt approxametly every 2 weeks to ensure consistent results are acheived from the unit.
If you have any questions then please contact our technical dept. for clarification.