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2012 what a year.!
We are really glad to report that 2012 has been a record year for us. Across all our divisions we have seen increases in customer numbers and revenues.

This has been a testament to our loyal customers and also the hard work of our team that have really tried to offer the best service at the best prices.

Now I would be the first to say that we don't always get things right and we are going to implement a number of changes to our stock control systems as well as ensuring that our suppliers offer faster lead times.

We also are going to offer some great specials to our existing customers on our products as well as a new service for deliveries and hopefully timed deliveries. These and a few others will no doubt be copied by our competitors (as usual) but it will result in a better service to our customers, which is what it is all about to ensure that we continue to grow.

Can't wait to get started this year...let's go !! 
Aluminium Heat Exchangers and Soft Water
We were very pleased to be hear that the British Standard Institute (BSI) have finally supported our industry in it's evidence that softened water is not corrosive to aluminium heat exchangers in boilers.

This has been an on-going fight for many years and due to the tenacity of people such as, amongst others, Harvey Bowden of Harvey Softeners, we have finally have definitive proof that what we thought all along, was correct!

The major boiler manufacturers will no doubt change their views on softened water and will hopefully recommend it to their customers as it is of enormous benefit to boilers in hard water areas, not to mention the rest of the plumbing system and appliances.

We also hope to have approval from the Energy Saving Trust for Water Softeners in relatively short order.

Visit our blog to see Harvey announcing the findings at the HHIC annual conference at the Houses of Parliament.

A real good news story for the industry to end the year – Merry Christmas ! 
Coffee anyone?
I have been monitoring the recent reports on the high street coffee chain Starbucks, among others, and the concerns over their non-payment of Corporation Tax. Now obviously, they are not doing anything illegal and there is an argument for saying that those who collect the taxes should be concentrating on ensuring that it is not possible to shift profits out of the UK rather than using the media to try and shame them into paying something.

However, I was reading a blog from another business owner who was congratulating their competitors, Costa Coffee, on its increase in sales. He was saying that he thinks we should all drink our coffee from Costa and let Starbucks eventually disappear as this would increase the Corporation Tax that Costa pay into the Treasury, which is probably correct.

Trouble is, it is important to remember that Corporation Tax is a small part of any company's payments to the Treasury. Think about all the VAT, PAYE and N.I. contributions these companies make for their employees along with all the business rates and all the businesses that feed off of them from the coffee cup suppliers to the business insurance, a portion of which all ends up at the Treasury.

I'm not saying what those companies do is right, far from it, but let's not lose sight of the bigger picture here.

At the end of the day, the customers will decide who they prefer. For what it's worth I prefer the taste of Costa's brew.....a small cappuccino for me please if you are buying....
Dedication.....that's what you need!!
Having spent a good portion of today in the company of a guy who is absolutely committed to giving 100 percent to his specialism, it got me thinking about our own industry and how we can improve and change the way we do things. We are all about ensuring every customer who calls or emails for advice is offered all the options and is guided to the correct system to suit their requirements and that often means them purchasing a cheaper unit than they initially enquired about. It is something that we are passionate about and will never change. This combined with our industry leading warranties and extras such as our free water test kit's ensure that we aim to offer a value for money, unbiased, service.

Having looked at this years sales figures then we are certainly doing something right and we are now looking a our supply chain to see how we can get our customers orders to them even quicker...watch this space.
We heard through the grapevine that a local softener dealer had ceased trading the other week. I never like to see companies closing their doors, even when it is one of our competitors, as I know how difficult things have been in the last few years for us all.

What it does show is how this industry is changing and that you have to adapt to keep up with your potential and existing customers requirements. Domestic sales were always serviced through home visits - remember the days of the double glazing salesman sitting in your front room all evening?! But the rise of the internet has changed the way people shop forever.

I personally think this is a great thing. Others may disagree, but one thing is for sure, it will only become more dominant in our lives and it certainly isn't going to go away......
Single tank or twin tank - which is best one for me?
Single tank or twin tank - which is best one for me?

We get asked this probably ten times a day . We sell both and which suits best really depends upon your situation and requirements.

Single tank softeners offer good results but nearly always require a power supply, are physically larger, need regular servicing and do not have the flexibility of soft water production, but they are relatively cheap to buy.

The twin tank softeners offer compact, simple to install system that works in any household situation, giving you umlimited soft water, with no maintenance. The only downside to this type of unit is the initial purchase cost.

At the end of the day it's a matter of personal choice, what I do know is we sell probably five times the number of twin tank systems to single tanks, which I suppose answers it's own question!
Fountain Softeners have launched the new look web site.
We've worked hard to bring you new products and information, such as a larger range of Electric and Non Electric Water Softeners a more detailed page on Water Softener Benefits

We hope you will find it easier to find and purchase what you need. We always welcome comments on its 'usability' on email at [email protected] 
Special Offers
To celebrate the launch of our new site we have offers on:
Current Special Offers
Water Softeners - Free starter salt, test kit & extended warranties.
3 way Taps - Larger range with discounted Filter Systems.
£10.00 M&S Voucher on all orders over £200.00.
10% Discount on replacement filters when purchasing more than one.
Thank you to Zest Magazine
Thanks Zest magazine for a mention on page 13 of their February edition. Gives all the good reasons to buy a water softener!
Water, water, precious water.....there isn't enough
Water, water, precious water.....there isn't enough coming from the sky....apparently!

On a previous blog I discussed the merits of single tank, simplex softeners up against the ever more popular twin tank, duplex, units.

We sell plenty of both and one element for people to consider when purchasing a softener is to do with the volume of waste water that goes to drain during the regeneration cycle of the unit, especially as a lot of people are on water meters these days.

The argument was that the newer range of twin tank softeners were more efficient as they are designed purely for domestic applications, whilst the single tank softeners were basically squashed down commercial units that we're made to fit in a kitchen cupboard.

To be fair that tended to be the case until recently when the newer range of "Water Save" units were launched. These offer a reduction of up to 40% on waste water used compared with a standard model and they subsequently meet all he latest requirements for new homes efficiency levels.

Sure, they cost slightly more than a standard unit but will pay for itself in the extra cost savings on water usage - so it's a really good addition that brings the single tank softeners bang up to date.

This range is called the "Coral Water Save" - take a look

What water softener installation kit do I need?

Most people buy an installation kit to make installing their new water softener system as simple as possible.

We offer a number of types of kit to suit most standard installations and we can build a bespoke system to work with whatever pipe work you have.

The four standard kits are -

15mm standard – this is designed primarily for what is termed "indirect” systems. These are where you have a cold water storage tank in the loft and an airing cupboard with the hot water storage tank. Most people are aware that in the loft tank is a ball valve that has within it a restriction to the flow of around 8mm or less. This works fine but it means that you can use a kit that has some restriction within it without having any detrimental effect on the water feed. This gives you an excellent value install kit with plenty of flow.

15mm Full Flow – this is, as the name suggests, is designed to offer full flow through all the fittings and uses upgraded Stainless Steel hoses. This ensures that you do not get any flow restriction through the install kit and is generally used on combination boilers and modern "direct” or "unvented” systems that are found in most modern properties.

22mm Full Flow – this is basically the same kit as above but designed for 22mm pipework. This is commonly found in properties with "direct” or "unvented” systems and in most recently built properties.

28mm Full Flow – this is used where you have 28mm pipework and is sold with a few of our standard softeners that have 1” connections, not cheap but it's a lot of brass !!

Our technical dept have many years experience in plumbing and fittings, so give us a call and we can find a solution to whatever particular peculiarities your system holds.

Which softener do i need?
We have added a helpful new tool to our menu - Which Softener do i need? - now selecting the right water softener for your home is far simpler!

Winter is coming!
Many people ask us about installing their Water Softeners outside. This is certainly possible to do, but thought needs to be given to ensuring that they cannot freeze. This can be achieved by installing the softener in one of our high quality insulated external cabinets. These are available in polycarbonate, external plywood and are also now available in aluminium construction. They can be painted to suit if required.

The insulation obviously works well as I had someone who had purchased one from another supplier and was complaining that a mouse had set up home in it for the winter!!