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Fountain Softeners
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Abode Pronteau 3 in 1 Prostream Steaming Hot Kitchen Tap Graphite
Available in Chrome, Matt Black, Graphite, Brushed Nickel and Urban Copper.
£ 849.00
(-16.37%) £ 710.00
Abode Pronteau 3 in 1 Prostyle Steaming Hot Kitchen Tap Chrome
Available in Chrome, Matt Black, Graphite, Brushed Nickel and Urban Copper.
£ 749.00
(-15.22%) £ 635.00
Abode Pronteau 4 in 1 Project Monobloc Hot Water Tap Chrome
Available in Chrome & Brushed Nickel.
£ 1,449.00
(-27.61%) £ 1,049.00
Eco 3 Gold High Flow Recyclable Water Filter Kit with Scale Inhibitor Filter
In Stock

The ECO3 Gold HIGH FLOW Drinking Water Filter Kit with a recyclable filter. 
£ 99.00
NEW Inkerator Hot / Hot and Cold Tap
The NEW H-3300 instantly provides up to 98 water  filtered hot water on  the push of a lever. Of course, the H-3300 is fully compatible with all the InSinkErator dispenser range and can also be retrofitted to replace existing fixtures InSinkerator.
Available in chrome
£ 499.00
Fountain Contemporary 3 Way Tap
In Stock
Contemporary Monoblock 3 three way tap.
  • Hot, Cold and Filtered Water. 
  • Available in Chrome finish only.

£ 177.00
Iceberg Undersink Water Cooler

An undersink water cooler, which supplies cooled, filtered water on demand from a counter-mounted tap adjacent to your sink or handbowl.

  • The impressively quiet electric refrigeration unit installs discretely inside your base cupboard and can dispense 11.5 litres an hour of filtered, chilled water.
£ 395.00
Silver UV Systems
UV water treatment is an excellent choice to eliminate biological contamination from most home drinking water, whether your home is on a municipal water system or untreated private water system (well, lake water, rain water harvesting etc.).
£ 249.00
Yes/No Water Hardness Test Kit
In Stock

Water Hardness Test Kit

£ 9.90
Water Softener Removal Kit
In Stock

This handy kit will safely
leave your home leak free by 
capping off the inlet, outlet and drain connections when removing your softener.
£ 10.74
Pallas 3-Way Tap Replacement Seals Kit
A set of replacement 'O' rings & washers for within the body of the Pallas 3-way tap.
£ 13.60
Pallas 3-Way Filter Ceramic Cartridge
In Stock
Replacement cartridge for the drinking water valve on the Pallas 3 way tap.
£ 22.40
Pallas 3-Way Replacement H/C Ceramic Cartridge
Replacement cartridge for the Hot & Cold water valve.
£ 36.80