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Scaleguard Pro Drinking Water System

Scale Guard Pro
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£ 135.00

The Scaleguard Pro Drinking Water Filter System -  a high quality water filter system at a great price!

Never suffer with scale again! 
  • The Scaleguard pro was designed for the espresso industry to protect the expensive equipment from scale, therefore offers domestic homes the highest possible protection.
  • Reduces calcium, magnesium and alkalinity that form hard scale
  • Creates an environment in which existing hard scale can be dissolved
  • 1 gpm for up to 2300 Litres at 180ppm Hardness
  • Helps extend equipment life
  • Improves beverage quality
  • Reduces clogging of nozzles and valves
  • Can be used with any of mini or 3 way Filter Taps

Dimensions (Inc. head) -  339mm high, 102mm dia.

Kit includes: filter,head and J.G Tee valve with check valve and interconnecting pipework