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Abode Pronteau 3 in 1 Prostyle Steaming Hot Kitchen Tap Chrome

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  1. #Product Info#

    The Pronteau 3 in 1 Prostyle Kitchen Tap range from Abode are perfect for creating that 'wow' factor in your kitchen. 
    This Chrome option (available in 5 finishes)  delivers 98 steaming hot water as well as your everyday hot and cold water. 360 spout rotation.

    Features an insulated spout including an inner pathway for the steaming hot water to pass through, ensuring your tap is always cool to the touch.

    Requires a minimum operating pressure of 1.5 bar cold and 0.75 bar hot. 

    Instant Steaming Hot Water (left lever)

    Steaming Hot Water on demand 24/7. Available safely adn instantly at 98, it delivers perfect steaming hot filtered water for making teas, coffees and everyday cooking needs.

    To operate, push the left hand control lever down and simultaneously pull forward to activate your steaming hot water.

    The further forward the lever is turned the greater the flow. At around 45 degrees the maximum flow is reached.

    Everyday Hot Water (right lever)
    Ideal for washing hands and your everyday cleaning tasks.

    Everyday Cold Water (right lever)
    Delivers your usual mains cold water supply - ideal for daily chores and everyday usage.

    Cold Start Valve
    This tap features an energy saving cold start valve as standard.

    When the handle is in the upright position and pulled out horizontally only your everyday cold water will be dispensed.

    This means no call on your boiler to start creating any unnecessary demand for hot water, saving you money. For hotter water simply pull the lever forward.

  2. #Dimensions#
    Abode Pronteau 3in1 Prostyle  Kitchen Tap Dimensions

    Height    390mm
    Spout Exit Reach    222mm
    Spout Exit Height    287mm
     Hole diameter              35mm


  3. #Specification Sheet & Video#



  4. #Warranty#
    Abode Pronteau 3in1 Prostyle Kitchen Tap Warranties

    Mixer tap materials and workmanship defects - 5 years

    Proboil3 materials and workmanship defects  - 2 years

    Mixer tap valves and working parts  - 5 years

    Surface finish warranty defects - 1 year

    All o-rings, hoses & gaskets - 1 year
  5. #Delivery#

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