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Abode Pronteau 4 in 1 Project Monobloc Hot Water Tap Chrome

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  1. #Product Info#

    Instant Steaming Hot Water (with Hotkey™)
    The patented Pronteau mixertaps use the innovative Hotkey™ as a simple but effective mechanism for the safe delivery of piping hot water. Without the Hotkey, the tap will become a regular 3 way mixertap, but with it, the hot and steamy magic begins.

    Steaming Hot Water on demand 24/7. Available safely and instantly at between 80 & 98º, it delivers perfect steaming hot filtered water for making teas, coffees and everyday cooking needs.

    Controlled flow – no spitting or spurting as hot water is pumped to you at a steady 3 litres per minute.

    Delivers over 50 cups of water per hour. Ideal for home or small office use.

    Limescale and corrosion inhibiting filter cartridge. Ensures a longer and more cost efficient life of the boiler unit and tap.

    Everyday Hot Water (left lever)

    Ideal for washing hands and your everyday cleaning tasks.

    Filtered Cold Water (right lever)
    Crystal clear filtered water on tap which improves the taste of cold drinks by filtering out hardness/limescale.

    5 Micron carbon block membrane which maintains effective particle protection.

    Uses a bypass valve technology which can be set to your local water conditions for perfect scale and acidity control.

    Everyday Cold Water (right lever)
    Delivers your usual mains cold water supply - ideal for daily chores and everyday usage.

  2. #Dimensions#
    Abode Pronteau 4in1 Project Monobloc Kitchen Tap Dimensions

    Height    388mm
    Spout Exit Reach    222mm
    Spout Exit Height    278mm
     Hole diameter              35mm


  3. #Specification Sheet & Video#



  4. #Warranty#
    Abode Pronteau 4in1 Project Kitchen Tap Warranties

    Mixer tap materials and workmanship defects - 5 years

    Proboil3 materials and workmanship defects  - 2 years

    Mixer tap valves and working parts  - 5 years

    Surface finish warranty defects - 1 year

    All o-rings, hoses & gaskets - 1 year
  5. #Delivery#

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