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Aluminium Heat Exchangers and Soft Water

We were very pleased to be hear that the British Standard Institute (BSI) have finally supported our industry in it's evidence that softened water is not corrosive to aluminium heat exchangers in boilers.
This has been an on-going fight for many years and due to the tenacity of people such as, amongst others, Harvey Bowden of Harvey Softeners, we have finally have definitive proof that what we thought all along, was correct!
The major boiler manufacturers will no doubt change their views on softened water and will hopefully recommend it to their customers as it is of enormous benefit to boilers in hard water areas, not to mention the rest of the plumbing system and appliances.
We also hope to have approval from the Energy Saving Trust for Water Softeners in relatively short order.
A real good news story for the industry to end the year Merry Christmas !
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