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Are you moving house?

Take your water softener with you when you move.
As the housing market kicks back into life, we are getting more calls from previous customers who have moved and one of the first things they want for their new home is another water softener!

You can of course take your water softener with you in the same way as you would take any other home appliance. Just disconnect the hoses and use the water softener removal kit to cap off the connections
click here to buy. Remove the water softener from position, pour any remaining water from the tank and hoses into a drain outside your property. Simple as that!!

When you get to your new house and realise you canít live without your soft water, look for the best position for your softener, give us a call and we can advise you on which installation kit to use. Click here to see our installation kits.

There is always plenty to organise when moving so we hope this helps.

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