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Cintropur NW25 Whole House Water Filter System

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Cintropur Whole House Water Filter Systems are designed for filtering clear and slightly contaminated water.

Product Info

A complete, domestic water filter, the Cintropur NW25 is a centrifugal filter suitable for domestic situations that need to filter rainwater, borehole or well water for drinking. 

 The basic principle being to filter out solid particles such as earth, sand, rust etc, suspended in the water.

Technical Data - NW25

Pipe Diameter

or 1"

Average Flow (m/h)


Pressure (bar)


Max Pressure (bar)


Max Temperature (C)


Weight (kg)


Standard Filter Sleeve


Filtration Surface (cm)


Main advantages

  • double stage of filtration (centrifugal flow thanks to the vane + filtering sleeve)
  • filtration practically without accumulation
  • low pressure drop
  • high and constant flow rate
  • wide choice of filtering fineness ranging from 5 to 300 microns
  • sealing guaranteed thanks to the O-ring system
  • fast and easy rinsing thanks to the drain cock
  • long lifetime and uninterrupted spare parts supply
  • reduced need for maintenance

Cintropur domestic water filters are fitted with a 25 micron filter sleeve as standard issue, a system of interchangeable and disposable sleeves offer filtration at 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 micron. A 150 micron nylon (washable) sleeve is also available for the NW 25 and NW 32 models.

This option comes complete with the Filter Housing Spanner. Please click here for Wall Mounting Bracket sold separately.

The connection options range from " to 1 ", using a connector set that allows placement and removal of the filter without requiring any tools

Bowl transparency enables visual inspection of impurity deposits.

Recommended replacement of filters at least twice a year for drinking water.

Filter sleeves come in a flat pack of 5 and are easy to post.          

Maintenance Video 


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