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Water Softener Systems
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Coral 15-litre Timed Water Softener

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  1. #Product Info# 

    Our Coral 15-litre Timed Water Softener offers unbeatable results with simplicity of use. All you need to do is set the frequency of regeneration from the enclosed instructions and the unit takes care of itself.

    7 Year parts warranty and all our Coral Water Softeners come with a FREE Extended 3 year Labour Warranty!

    These systems are ideal where the daily/weekly usage is fairly consistent as they regenerate after a set time period rather than after a certain capacity of water has been used.
    Perfect for situations where there is a need for a high instantaneous flow such as power showers or multi bathroom houses.

    If your usage tends to vary then go for as this will work out more economic in the long run.

    Assembled and tested in the UK.

    Uses block, tablet or granular salt.

    All prices shown include VAT and delivery to mainland UK. We are happy to ship worldwide, please see our shipping page or call us on 0800 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01403 700794.

  2. #Dimensions#
    Dimensions: H 665mm x W 275mm x D 460 mm.


  3. #Which Kit?#

    It is important that you select the correct installation kit to suit your pipework and hot water system in your property. This avoids any chance of the incorrect installation kit from restricting the flow. If you have conventional gravity fed, or indirect, system which has a cold water tank in the loft space and hot water cylinder, then the standard 15 mm kit would be suitable.

    If you are still on 15 mm pipework but have a combination boiler, or direct type system, then you are better to go with the 15mm full flow installation kit. This has the benefit of using uprated fittings and connection hoses and ensures that you get a minimum of 15 mm bore through everything and therefore get no restriction on flow.

    If you have 22mm pipework, then the best choice is the 22mm high flow install kit. This is found on the majority of houses less than 10 years old and is generally used on feeding mains fed unvented hot water systems.  If you are unsure, then please call us on 0845 10 80 685 or email for clarification.


    Installation of you water softener - DIY or plumber?

    Every softener comes complete with full installation instructions, these can also be found under the brochure tab. This allows for simple installation by a plumber or someone keen on DIY. If you are unsure, call us for clear impartial advice on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01403 700794 or email us.
  4. #Brochures#

  5. #Warranty#

    The owner of a Fountain Softeners water softener is protected by the following guarantees, which include the right to exchange or repair in the case of a manufacturer’s defect for up to:

    7 Years Parts
    3 Years Labour

    The guarantees are under condition that the softener is installed according to local regulations and to the manufacturer’s instructions as well as the following:

    1) It is very important that the water temperature of 50 centigrade for CW Series (cold water)and 65 degrees for HW Series (hot water) is never exceeded. 

    2) There must always be suitable salt in the brine tank.

    3) The electrical supply must never be switched off – electric units only

    4) After a current break the electro timer must be re-adjusted (timer models only)

    5) The inlet and outlet valves must always be open. The by-pass valve must always be closed.

    6) The unit should be serviced every two years and is a condition of the 3 year extended partswarranty.

    7) If irregularities should occur, you would need to:-

    Switch off the current
    Close the inlet and outlet valves
    Open the by-pass valve
    Phone Fountain Softeners
  6. #Shipping#

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