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Drinking Water Systems

a fact – we should all drink plenty of fresh water each day to keep our body in prime condition. Properly hydrated, we feel more alive, have more energy and concentrate better – which in turn, helps our productivity. 

However, tap water does still contain calcium and magnesium (amongst other things!) in addition to chlorine, which can create an odour. We cannot be sure what we are drinking, so don't buy expensive bottled water - take control and filter your own.

There are various filters for domestic use, with varying degrees filtration, from the single taste and odour filter to the 5-stage Reverse Osmosis drinking water system – whatever your size requirements and budget, there is a filter to suit you!

WaterGem Drinking Water System
In Stock

Everything you need for great tasting, clean, fresh quality drinking water in one box!
  • Improve taste and odours it will reduce chlorine and other chemicals.

£ 45.00
Cuno Twist Fit Drinking Water System
In Stock
The Cuno 3M™ Drinking Water System provides cleaner, better tasting water by reducing common contaminants.
£ 74.50
Scaleguard Pro Drinking Water System
In Stock
High Quality Filter System - Never suffer with scale again!
  • The scale guard pro was designed for the espresso industry to protect the expensive equipment from scale, therefore offers domestic homes the highest possible protection.
£ 129.00
Pallas Viva 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
In Stock
(10 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 179.00
Pallas Enjoy Smart 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis
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(11 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 197.23
Pallas Enjoy Cool 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis
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(10 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 205.25
Pallas EF300 Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Water System
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(10 Item(s) In Stock)

£ 369.00
(-18.97%) £ 299.00
Doulton RIO 2000 WHOLE HOUSE Filter System
Doulton RIO 2000 Multi-Candle High Flow Filter System designed for whole house filtration,
with 6 x mini-Sterasyl™ Silver Impregnated Candles and 10" Jumbo Housing.
£ 174.00
Cintropur NW25 Whole House Water Filter System
In Stock

CINTROPUR® offers a wide range of mechanical filters designed for filtering clear and slightly contaminated water. The residential range features 3 filters and is capable of serving flow rates from 0 up to 6.5 m³/h.
  • NW 25 : 5.5 m3/h ( 1")
  • Please call for prices on other models and spares

£ 114.70