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Duplex Commercial Water Softener 200-litre (1 inch)

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Flow 6.4m3/hr / Capacity 33m3 per vessel between regenerations
Max Flow Rate 6.8 m3/h
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The Duplex Metered Commercial Water Softener 200-litre (1 inch connections) that can accommodate a flow rate of 6.4 m/hour and a capacity of 33 m.

Duplex Softeners are designed to supply softened water in situations where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required. These systems have two softening vessels and one brine tank.

There will always be one tank in service while the other tank is running a regeneration cycle or on standby, thereby guaranteeing 24/7 soft water production.

Typical applications are Hotels, Restaurants, Car Washes, Caravan Parks, and where the anticipated usage is not able to be estimated or may well increase during seasonal operations.


    CW200 Duplex Metered Water Softener Specification:  

    Resin Volume :  200
    Vessel:  18x65"
    Flow : 6.4
    Peak Flow : 6.8m
    Capacity  @ 300ppm  33
    Valve Type  : WS1 TT
    Salt (kg) : 30
    Valve Height (H1)  : 187mm
    Vessel Height (H2) : 1770mm
    Brine Tank Height (H3) : 1150mm
    Height to Inlet/Outlet (H4) : 1835mm
    Vessel Width (D1) : 510mm
    Brine Tank Width (D2) : 880mm (square)



    Term used for a single vessel system, we supply industrial softeners that regenerate on either a time controlled basis or meter controlled for where the usage will tend to vary from day to day. Typical application are where the usage per day has been calculated and will not vary hugely, whilst not being required 24 hours per day.

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