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Duplex Commercial Water Softener 40-litre (1 inch)

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Flow 1.6m3/hr / Capacity6.67.m3 per vessel between regenerations
Max Flow Rate 6.8 m3/h
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The Duplex Metered Commercial Water Softener is very economical when it comes to using salt and regeneration water.
This 40-litre metered softener will only regenerate when a pre-set volume of softened water has been used regardless of the number of days this takes. This avoids under or over regenerating of the softener when your water demand varies.

The volume of softened water is calculated by the hardness of your water supply, the capacity of the water softener and usage.
Choose from CW20, CW30,CW40, CW50, CW60, CW75 & CW100 Water Softeners depending on the required flow rate and soft water capacity.


CW40 Duplex Metered Water Softener Specification:  

 Resin Volume :  40 litres per vessel
 Vessel:  2 x 10x44"
 Flow : 1.6
 Capacity  @ 300ppm  6.67
 Valve Type  : WS1TT
 Salt (kg) :6
 Brine Tank Volume :75 L
 Brine Tank Width (B2)  320 mm
 Brine Tank Height (H2) 270 mm
 Vessel Width (B1) 270 mm each
 Vessel Height (H1) 1170 mm each



Term used for a single vessel system, we supply industrial softeners that regenerate on either a time controlled basis or meter controlled for where the usage will tend to vary from day to day. Typical application are where the usage per day has been calculated and will not vary hugely, whilst not being required 24 hours per day.

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