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How efficient is your Water Softener?

Is your water softener operating as it should?

If you have had your water softener for more than about 10 years then it will be starting to lose its efficiency. Basically the resin, which is the stuff that your water passes through and that absorbs the hardness minerals, has a life of around 15 years after which time it starts to lose its ability to operate at full capacity. Often customers with older Softeners will first notice a problem when they say that the water is not as soft as it once was but the unit is still using salt at the same rate as before.

The other benefit is that modern Softeners are more efficient on salt and water than older units, usually offering around a 30% saving.

If you are not sure how well your unit is working then request one of our free water test kits to find out for sure and then call us and we can advise how best to proceed once you know for sure.

See our ecommerce web site
www.fountainsofteners.co.uk selling to customers all over the UK and Europe. Or call us for a chat on 0845 10 80 685 (local call rate) or 01306 889090 and one of our friendly staff will gladly talk you through your water softener options.
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