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Metered Water Softener

Metered water softeners are the most economical softener when it comes to using salt and regeneration water. A metered softener will only regenerate when a pre-set volume of softened water has been used regardless of the number of days this takes.
This avoids under or over regenerating of the softener when your water demand varies. Again the volume of softened water is calculated by the hardness of your water supply, the capacity of the water softener and number of people in the property.

Features of a Single Tank
 Water Softener
  • A single tank has a maximum daily capacity so correct sizing is important when purchasing.
  • It is cheaper to buy and run than a twin tank.
  • Hard water possible during regeneration cycle.
  • Regeneration is usually about 1 hour, once or twice a week at 2am.
  • Most popular type of softener sold in the UK.

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Fountain Slim-Soft Electric Metered Water Softener
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Only 225mm wide for tight spaces!
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