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Non Electric Water Softener

Powered entirely by the incoming water pressure. As no electrical supply is required it is easier to install, you will not have to worry about costly repairs or higher monthly electricity bills. Non electric water softeners tend not to have fiddly controls, adding salt is all that is requred to keep them running smoothly.

Features of a Twin Tank
  • A twin tank water softener has unlimited soft water 24/7- it swaps to second tank while the first regenerates, never leaving you without soft water.
  • Only regenerates when necessary - you'll use less salt, you'll never reprogram
  • Some run without the need for electrical supply.
  • Enables a large capacity from a small softener - it'll fit under your sink
  • Ideal if usage varies tremendously from day to day and 24 hour soft water is vital
  • 1 size fits all - you won't need to upgrade or downgrade if your family situation changes

Harvey Crown Water Softener - Twin Tank / Non Electric & 15mm Installation Kit

The Crown Water Softener by Harvey of Woking, Surrey is a superb quality, compact twin tank, block salt non electric water softener that gives you UNLIMITED soft water.

This price includes a 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

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Delta Morava Duplex Non Electric Water Softener

The Morava is compact yet has 2 x 3 litre vessels, ensuring you will never be without soft water.  It boasts a speedy 15 minute regeneration and easy to use salt loader that will take 4 blocks of salt or tablet salt.

H 470 x W 490 x D 460 mm  (including bypass)

This price includes:

  • 5 Year Parts and 3 Year Labour Warranty 
  • Water Hardness Test Kit 
  • Free UK Delivery!
£ 775.00
Delta Water Softener / Softline 150 Water Softener

The Delta Water Softener (also known as the Softline 150) is a modern, stylish, compact non electric water softener.

H 483 x W 241 x D 538mm (inc bypass).

Up to 3 people with a conventional system.

This price includes:

  • Water Hardness Test Kit 
  • Free UK Delivery!

£ 985.00
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