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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Choose from our Selection of Domestic Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Reverse osmosis system and tap

Reverse Osmosis is the easiest solution when it comes to removing a wide range of problem contaminants from drinking water. You will not need bottled water anymore to make sure you and your family drink pure water.

RO is a water treatment that purifies water by using a membrane and filters to remove ions and unwanted particles and molecules. During this process, a pressure is applied on the Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO membrane) and filters  to overcome osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis (RO systems) can remove many types of chemical and biological species from domestic water.

How best to use an R.O. filter?

Our selection of reverse osmosis systems are designed to fit under a standard kitchen sink. Some kits come complete with a mini faucet tap to serve you fresh drinking water, but you can see a selection of different mini faucet taps here.

What is the difference between water filtration and RO systems ?

With a reverse osmosis system, all the water flows through the pores of the membrane. RO can thus remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites, heavy metals, fluoride, herbicides and pesticides. Water filters, on the other side, remove or reduce chlorine, sediment and organic compounds.

To purify your water, we also supply ultra violet systems.

Discover our range of reverse osmosis systems

Supreme 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
In Stock
Available Unpumped and Pumped. 
£ 139.95
Pallas Viva 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
In Stock
Available Pumped and Un-pumped. 
£ 179.00
Pallas Enjoy Smart 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis
In Stock
(10 Item(s) In Stock)
Available Pumped and Un-pumped. 
£ 197.23
Pallas Enjoy Cool 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis
In Stock
Available Pumped and Un-pumped.
£ 205.25