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Supreme 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

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The NEW Supreme 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO5 Drinking Water Filter System uses one of the most advanced technologies in the world giving you around 280 litres per day of pure water..

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems have been designed to remove physical, chemical and microbiological pollutants in water and to produce excellent quality drinking water. The pollutants include chlorine, pesticides, organic compounds, heavy metals, iron, hardness, nitrates, fluoride, bacteria and viruses and improve the taste and aroma.

A 5-stage reverse osmosis system enables the ro system to provide crystal clear and pure water. Please find below the breakdown of the 5-step filtration process:
1st stage: mechanical contaminants not smaller than 20 microns are removed from water thanks to a mechanical cartridge.
2nd stage: chlorine and organic substances are removed from water by a high-quality carbon block.
3rd stage: mechanical contaminants not smaller than 5 microns are removed thanks to another mechanical cartridge. This stage is the last of the pre-filter process.
4th stage: the osmotic membrane is the most important part of every ro system. The membrane stops 96-98% organic and non-organic contaminants diluted in water, bacteria and various viruses. Those contaminants are separated and discharged to a drain.
5th stage: To provide water with perfect taste and smell, the water supply flows through a linear cartridge filled with activated carbon made from coconut shells.

5-stage reverse osmosis water softener supplied complete with : :
 - mini faucet tap
 - storage tank
 - JG Inlet connection Tee with valve
 - tank isolation valve
 - installation tube
 - drain saddle connector
 - 2 x spanners  - 1 x filter housings and 1 x membrane housing
 - PTFE tape
 - User Manual

The 3 main filters should be changed every six months and the membrane every three years. 

1 x  10 5 Micron Spun (Sediment) Filter 
1 x  10  20 Micron Spun (Sediment) Filter
1 x 10 Block Carbon Cartridge Filter (CTO) 

1 x GAC Post Carbon Filter
1 x 75  GPD Membrane (change every 3 years)


390mm W x 400mm H x 140mm D

Working pressure -  2.8 - 6 bar 

12 month warranty.