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Types of Water Softener

Non Electric Water Softener
Powered entirely by the incoming water pressure. As no electrical supply is required it is easier to install and you will not have to worry about costly repairs or higher monthly electricity bills. Non electric softeners tend not to have fiddly controls, adding salt is all that is required to keep them running smoothly.
The twin tank versions offer constant unlimited softened water to your home 24 hours a day 7 days per week.
Non-electric softeners are reported to be longer lasting and more reliable.

Metered Water Softener 
The most economical softener when it comes to using salt and regeneration water. A metered softener will only regenerate when a pre-set volume of softened water has been used regardless of the number of days this takes.
This avoids under or over regenerating of the softener when your water demand varies. Again the volume of softened water is calculated by the hardness of your water supply, the capacity of the water softener and number of people in the property.

Time Clock Water Softener 
The more basic softeners operate on a timed basis. The time clock is set to carry out its regeneration on set days. This is usually calculated by the hardness of your water supply, the capacity of the water softener and number of people in the property. When installed, the softener is set to regenerate at usually 2.00a.m. at the calculated regeneration frequency. To ensure that soft water is always available, the interval between regenerations will be under estimated rather than over estimated.

The softener will then regenerate at this set interval regardless of the volume of water used. If the water usage is low, for instance, one or more of the residence is away, there will be unused softened water capacity at the time of regeneration, which can be argued as an unnecessary waste of salt and regeneration water. Similarly, if there is an increase in your water usage, the softened water capacity will me than likely be exceeded and the water would go hard towards the end of the cycle before the next regeneration. If you are going to be away from the property for a period of time, i.e. on holiday, and there will be no water flowing through the water softener it is advisable that it is switched off until your return.

Which Water Softener do i need?

We know that getting the right softener is an important decision for our customers and we like to take the time to help you with this choice.

Fountain Softeners supplies a wide range of water softeners for every size of home and budget. While its great to have such a wide selection, we understand it can be confusing deciding what's best for your situation, below is our best sellers for each home size, we hope this helps, if not why not let us give you a call to talk it through? Just click request a callback.

Small Family Water Softener- The ideal economical softeners for homes with up to 4 people & 1 bathroom, assembled and tested in the UK.   More info      

Medium Family Water Softeners - Some of our best sellers, these water softeners are ideal for homes of up to 9 people & 2/3 bathrooms.   More info

Large Family Water Softener & Unlimited softened water to your home 24/7 - Ideal for larger houses with multiple bathrooms or where the number of people fluctuate, these clever softeners will only soften the correct ammout of water for your usage More info

Large Domestic & Semi Commercial Water Softener -Designed for large domestic dwellings (9 plus people) and semi-commercial installations such as guest houses, small hotels.    More info

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