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Water Softener Systems
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Ultra Violet Systems

Ultra Violet water systems give you bacteria free water without chemicals -  ideal for drinking water, swimming pools, ponds, hot tubs and sprinkler systems and many other domestic and commercial applications.

Sterilight Silver U.V Disinfection

Our Sterilight family of products provides you with all the protection you need in your drinking water.

  • Reliable and effective, Sterilight worries about the quality of your drinking water, so you don't have to.

£ 285.00
Sterilight Silver U.V Lamps / UV Bulbs & Sleeves
Sterilight Silver U.V replacement Lamps, UV bulbs, Quartz Sleeves and Lamp/Sleeve combos.

  • All replacement lamps and UV Quartz Sleeves are genuine products.
  • We stock replacement controllers and spares for all other R-Can/Viqua models. 
£ 73.80
Sterilight Silver Ballast Unit
Sterilight BA-ICE-S controller is the power supply for Sterilight Silver Series UV systems. BA-ICE-S is compatible with Silver series models that do not have a UV monitor. It has an audible lamp failure alert, lamp replacement reminder, and visual power indicator.
£ 174.00