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Ultra Violet Systems

Ultra Violet water systems give you bacteria free water without chemicals - 
 ideal for drinking water, swimming pools, ponds, hot tubs and sprinkler systems and many other domestic and commercial applications.
£ 249.00
Sterilight Silver U.V Disinfection

Our Sterilight family of products provides you with all the protection you need in your drinking water.

  • Reliable and effective, Sterilight worries about the quality of your drinking water, so you don't have to.

£ 52.80
Sterilight Silver U.V Lamps / UV Bulbs & Sleeves Sterilight Silver U.V replacement Lamps, UV bulbs, Quartz Sleeves and Lamp/Sleeve combos.

  • All replacement lamps and UV Quartz Sleeves are genuine products.
  • We stock replacement controllers and spares for all other R-Can/Viqua models. 
In Stock
£ 114.70
Cintropur NW25 Whole House Water Filter System
CINTROPUR® offers a wide range of mechanical filters designed for filtering clear and slightly contaminated water. The residential range features 3 filters and is capable of serving flow rates from 0 up to 6.5 m/h.
  • NW 25 : 5.5 m3/h ( 1")
  • Please call for prices on other models and spares