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Water, water, precious water.....there isn't enough

Water, water, precious water.....there isn't enough coming from the sky....apparently!

On a previous blog I discussed the merits of single tank, simplex softeners up against the ever more popular twin tank, duplex, units.

We sell plenty of both and one element for people to consider when purchasing a softener is to do with the volume of waste water that goes to drain during the regeneration cycle of the unit, especially as a lot of people are on water meters these days.

The argument was that the newer range of twin tank softeners were more efficient as they are designed purely for domestic applications, whilst the single tank softeners were basically squashed down commercial units that we're made to fit in a kitchen cupboard.

To be fair that tended to be the case until recently when the newer range of  "Water Save" units were launched. These offer a reduction of up to 40% on waste water used compared with a standard model and they subsequently meet all he latest requirements for new homes efficiency levels.

Sure, they cost slightly more than a standard unit but will pay for itself in the extra cost savings on water usage - so it's a really good addition that brings the single tank softeners bang up to date.

This range is called the "
Coral Water Save" - take a look

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Such a great and informative post. Thanks for sharing this post to us and keep posting. This will really help homeowners.
Posted By: Angela - 16 Jul 2013 3:15

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