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What water softener installation kit do I need?

Most people buy an installation kit to make installing their new water softener system as simple as possible.

We offer a number of types of kit to suit most standard installations and we can build a bespoke system to work with whatever pipe work you have.

The four standard kits are -

15mm standard – this is designed primarily for what is termed "indirect” systems. These are where you have a cold water storage tank in the loft and an airing cupboard with the hot water storage tank. Most people are aware that in the loft tank is a ball valve that has within it a restriction to the flow of around 8mm or less. This works fine but it means that you can use a kit that has some restriction within it without having any detrimental effect on the water feed. This gives you an excellent value install kit with plenty of flow.

15mm Full Flow – this is, as the name suggests, is designed to offer full flow through all the fittings and uses upgraded Stainless Steel hoses. This ensures that you do not get any flow restriction through the install kit and is generally used on combination boilers and modern "direct” or "unvented” systems that are found in most modern properties.

22mm Full Flow – this is basically the same kit as above but designed for 22mm pipework. This is commonly found in properties with "direct” or "unvented” systems and in most recently built properties.

28mm Full Flow – this is used where you have 28mm pipework and is sold with a few of our standard softeners that have 1” connections, not cheap but it's a lot of brass !!

Our technical dept have many years experience in plumbing and fittings, so give us a call and we can find a solution to whatever particular peculiarities your system holds.

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